Job incontra online con Amazon - Amazon Positions for Fresh Grads

This webinar offers a great opportunity to discover the career paths in Amazon, the positions available to Fresh Graduates and learn more about the recruiting process.

  • Data: 10 NOVEMBRE 2021  dalle 15:00 alle 16:00

  • Luogo: Evento online

  • Tipo: Incontri con aziende

The webinar will be in English

Thomas and Pablo, Campus Ambassadors, will share their experience and two recruiters will illustrate all opportunities open for you within Amazon Operations! 

Event agenda:

1. Welcome and Intro: what about the positions offered to Fresh Graduate? (recruiters presenting all possibilities open to Fresh Graduates)

2. My Journey: from Uni to Amazon (Thomas & Pablo)

  • Thomas and Pablo’s interview process
  • Thomas & Pablo’s Internship experiences
  • Paths at Amazon Operations: where does it start and where are we now?

3. Q&A


  • Thomas Hue, Campus Ambassador, Project Manager Intern at Amazon Operations
  • Pablo Fernandez de Diego, Campus Ambassador, Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon Operations
  • Giorgia Mambelli, Campus Recruiter at Amazon Operations




The event is mainly addressed to students/graduates of the following degree programmes:

  • Ingegneria meccanica
  • Ingegneria informatica
  • Business and Economics
  • Economia Aziendale
  • Economia e management
  • Economics
  • Economics and Finance
  • Management e Marketing

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