Preparing for the world of work

If the University-World of Work transition stage is getting closer, you can acquire a range of useful skills to effectively approach and enter the world of work, allowing you to make the most of your competences and maximising your opportunities.


The programmes we offer you

Please note: our activities are normally held in Italian but we provide on request at any time of the year "one to one career guidance" and "CV feedback" in English (to book an appointment please send an email to On a regular basis (normally once every 7/8 weeks) we also provide seminars and workshops in English, please check on our three different programmes which  are the ones also provided in English. For the next appointments have a look on our agenda selecting "events for international students only".

A comprehensive range of activities that will allow you to clarify your professional objectives and learn skills that will be useful when you will be looking for a job and entering the world of work: from writing an effective CV to simulating job interviews.More in general, these activities will prepare you for the University-World of Work transition, help you make informed decisions about your professional future and give you the confidence you need during selection processes. 

To prepare in the best possible way, you can participate in our three programmes:

  • Presenting yourself: how to put across your potential in an effective way; the strategies to valorise your experiences in your CV, on social networks, in cover letters and self-presentations.
  • Finding the right job for you: how to set professional objectives and plan your job hunting strategy; finding information on the job market, assessing opportunities, networking and personal branding.
  • Preparing for the selection process: how to find out about selection methods and internships and prepare for job interviews.

We also offer you ad hoc activities to prepare for the recruitment events organised by the University, such as Career Day or Recruiting Day. Register on Studenti Online

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Structure of the programmes

Each programme comprises three steps: a seminar, a workshop and a number of individual meetings with a career advisor. Specifically:

  • Seminars are large-group frontal teaching events, while workshops are practical experience-based activities involving small groups.
  • Each seminar or workshop has a duration of 2 or 3 hours.
  • Seminars prepare for workshops on the same topic (for example, before attending the workshop on job interviews, you must attend the relevant seminar).
  • The programme can start with any of the available seminars.
  • Book your place on Studenti Online in the Bookings section
  • Individual advice sessions are booked directly by career advisers.
  • The language we normally use is Italian but we also provide some services in English especially dedicated to international students not Italian speaking: please check out on our three programmes which activities are also provided in English. 



Career guidance consultants:
dott.ssa Simona Benini
dott.ssa Serena Tacconi
Palazzo Paleotti - Largo Trombetti n.1 - Bologna

+39 051 2088 600-601, on monday from 10.00 to 12.00

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PLEASE NOTE that all activities are currently carried out from remote.