Meet our graduates

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Every year, approximately 18,000 First and Second Cycle students graduate from the University of Bologna.

1.  Profile diversification

thanks to more than 220 active degree programmes (see the programme catalogue), of which approximately 80 are international.

2. Ability to move in an international environment

as proven by the figures: over 3300 registered students spent a period of study abroad and over 3000 international exchange students came to the University.
The University of Bologna is recognised as the "most international university in Italy" by Times Higher Education. 

3. Multiple activities to put students in contact with the world of work 

through the organisation of a range of initiatives bringing students and companies together, guidance activities, programmes and workshops to promote and develop soft skills, activities and workshops focusing on entrepreneurial competences and aptitudes.

The University of Bologna has obtained great employment rate results, with figures above the national average in reference to all main indicators.
The number of our graduates aligned to the exam schedule is above the national average: 65.7% of our students graduate according to schedule; the national average is 53.6%. The average age of graduates is 25.2 years old: 23.9 for First Cycle graduates, and 26.7 for Second Cycle graduates.
58.5% of graduates has taken part in internships recognised by their degree programme.