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Thanks to the competence and experience of our staff, we offer guidance to students/graduates and put them in contact with the world of work;
we plan and host meeting opportunities for companies and students/graduates to help match skills with the job profiles in demand.

Career Guidance

Simona Benini
Serena Tacconi

The service is provided in cooperation with CE.TRANS. Centro per le Transizioni al Lavoro e nel Lavoro, Dipartimento di Psicologia dell'Ateneo

Job Placement

Elisabetta Tardino (Office Manager)
Eliana Andolfo
Paola Bertarelli
Maria Teresa Rovito

Sabrina Clò (Head of Placement and Career Guidance) 

Prof.ssa Paola Fabbri - Delegate for Career guidance for graduating students, Job Placement and Alumni


Services operate centrally from the offices in Bologna and locally from offices located in the Campuses in Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini.

Services in Bologna

Job Placement

Palazzo Paleotti - Largo Trombetti, 1
40126 – Bologna
tel: +39 051 2099872
tel: +39 051 2099783
tel: +39 051 2098931
tel: +39 051 2088564

Career Guidance

Palazzo Paleotti - Largo Trombetti, 1
40126 – Bologna
tel: +39 051 2088 600/601
Mob. +39 338 9431496


Campus di Cesena

Campus di Forlì

Campus di Ravenna

Campus di Rimini