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Recruiting Day

This type of events has been created to facilitate the matching between companies and students/graduates of the University of Bologna interested to find out career opportunities in specific sectors of activity.

Participating companies have the opportunity to present their work context and the latest employment trends, indicate the skill sets they require, and engage candidates in short job interviews by using an online agenda to book the interviews.

The students/graduates can meet companies and hand out their CV, interact with HR staff and assist to the workshops planned during the day. 

Some of the events organised in 2019

Recruiting Day Carriere e Professioni nel Sociale

28th November 2019 | Forlì

Around 200 students and graduates have met 13 companies operating in the social sector of activity. The participants were second cycle degree students (46%), first cycle degree students (10%), second cycle graduates (25%) first cycle graduates (16%), post degree graduates (3%).

Recruiting Day Industria 4.0: Manifattura

16th October 2019 | Bologna

More than 800 students and graduates of all degree courses of the University of Bologna have met 28 companies of the manufacturing sector. The event has been attended by second cycle students (57%), second cycle graduates (27%) and first cycle students/graduates (15%). 

Recruiting Day Agraria e Veterinaria

10th April 2019 | Bologna

The students and graduates of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine have met 15 companies of the sector. The event has been attended by 176 participants of which second cycle students (39%), first cycle students (24%) and graduates (35%).

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