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Company Presentation & "F-Factor: The Ferrari Case Study" - 9th October 2019

Ferrari dedicated presentation & case study in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

09/10/2019 dalle 09:30 alle 18:00

Dove Aula Magna E.Mattei | Scuola di Ingegneria | Viale del Risorgimento 2 | Bologna

Partecipanti Engineering students attending the 2nd year master degree (second cycle degree) and those engineers who graduated in the past 12 months of the following degree programs (with an expected final grade above 100): Advanced Automotive Engineering | Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering | Advanced Design | Aerospace Engineering | Automation Engineering | Ing. Energia Elettrica | Ing. e Scienze Informatiche | Ing. Elettronica | Ing. Gestionale | Ing. Informatica | Ing. Meccanica

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Ferrari has a most desirable track record, impressive results and has been confirmed as one of the “World’s most powerful brands”. Ferrari represents the pinnacle of GT and motor racing excellence, as well as Brand Diversification across Ferrari Stores Museums and Theme Parks world-wide.

Being Ferrari means being part of a unique performance and future-focused team in which people are the most valuable resource.

The ideal candidate

Since Ferrari has racing DNA, embracing and cherishing competition is part of its company culture as well as the cooperation within the team is extremely important in order to achieve best in class performance.

Ferrari expects you to enjoy working as part of a team, to be flexible and dedicated, number oriented and proactive in order to maximize and deliver results and meet the deadlines. Fluency in English is a must-have, and a good level of Italian an advantage for your full integration.

The Ferrari Company Presentation & “F-Factor: The Ferrari Case Study

Ferrari is glad to meet the best students and graduates and lead them through a journey which will let them gain an insight of “Ferrari, the Italian Excellence that makes the world dream”.

The first part of the day will be dedicated to the Ferrari Company Presentation, with two testimonials of the Ferrari world, Alumni of the University of Bologna!

The afternoon will host the "F-Factor: The Ferrari Case Study" where pre-selected students and graduates, who have been officially invited, will have the opportunity to put themselves to the test and show their potential by demonstrating to have the F-Factor.


9.30  Registration

10.00 – 10.15 Welcome - Rector

10.15 - 11.00 Dr. Dennis De MunckHead of Employer Branding & University Relations + Q&A

11.00 – 12.00  Daniele GenovaEngine SW Control & Calibration Manager

Marta MarcheselliBuilding Site Supervisor  “Engineering Testimonials ” + Q&A 

12.00 – 12.45 - Dr. Dennis De Munck – Ferrari Careers + Q&A

14.30 – 18.00 – “F-Factor: The Ferrari Case Study” - can be attended by selected candidates upon invitation

PLEASE CLICK HERE to register to the event. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions how to apply to the Case Study session.