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Services for Students and Graduates

This service is designed to facilitate you to a job in line with your studies and your career expectations.

The Job Placement service is a gateway to actively search for a job;  you can either search the job vacancy notice board, which features both job and internship opportunities, or take part in the events organised by the Job Placement service, including the Career Day, the Recruiting days and company presentations on campus.  We recommend you keep your CV updated and don’t forget to visit our website to find out more about our initiatives!

Job Guidance Service

The University Job Guidance Service assists students and graduates to prepare for the job market. They can help you identify your skills, strenghts and aspirations. They can also provide you with information on job opportunities and advise you how to develop effective strategies when searching for a job.

Keep your CV up to date
Your CV is the main tool you can use to enter the job market, it is crucial that it is effective and always up to date.
Search the job vacancy noticeboard
The job vacancy notice board is constantly updated, select the vacancies that match your studies, skills and professional expectations in real time.
Meet the employers
Direct contact with employers and different cultural and geographical professional environments means not only gaining a better understanding of specific sectors and areas of expertise, but also widening your professional network and making yourself known to potential future employers.


Job Placement

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