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CV database and publication of job vacancies

Employers can register on this page to access graduates CVs and publish job vacancies.

Companies who wish to publish job vacancies and view the CVs of the graduates of the University of Bologna can proceed to an online registration:

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Search CVs and Publish Job Vacancies (registered user) 


Publish a job offer 

Important: the job offers need to respect fairness criteria and be in line with the study courses of the University of Bologna.


CV searches in UNIBO database

This service allows companies to search the University of Bologna database and view the CVs of fresh graduates (12 months from graduation) and those who are about to graduate.

By a simple registration procedure the employer is able to search and view the CVs complete with personal information and contact details. It is possibile to apply specific filters in order to restrict the search and identify the most suitable candidates.

Please note that the data included in the CV must be used for job related purposes as established by the Data Protection Code (D.lgs, 30 Giugno 2003, n. 186).

Please note that it is possible to carry out unlimited searches, but the maximum number of complete CVs you can download is of 50 units in a period of 12 months.

Once 50 CVs have been downloaded, you will be kindly asked to answer a few questions on the effectiveness of our service. Your company will then be allowed to download a larger number of CVs and keep on using the service for free.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


This search is useful to gain an idea of the type and number of graduates by degree course and other basic criteria. It is possible to view the CVs of graduates with basic information and no personal details such as name, address, e-mail or phone numbers.
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